Akkni Kunchuhal

Akkni Kunchuhal
Music Competition

Isaiyarangam event, which takes place during the fall of every year, will be the stage for a competition for all music composers. Selected compositions will be sung at the event. If you are a new artist and would like to establish yourself amongst the music community, this is a golden opportunity to do so. The competition is open to all who wish to participate and have a shot at winning a $1000 cash prize on the day of the event.

The prize will be awarded for the
following criteria

Best Tune

As soon as the tune reaches your ears, it creates a yearning to want to hear and know more. Even without accompaniment, the melody itself is powerful enough to stand on its own. No matter who the singer is, the tune sounds sweet. There is variation and depth in the song, but remains within fine aesthetic and technical boundaries. Combined with the accompaniment of background music, and with the voice of a skilled vocalist, it should capture the heart.
The winner of this category is the person who set the tune for the song.

Best Lyrics

The lyrics should provoke thought. There should be use of simple words, put together to form deep and powerful implication. It should rhyme and be within rhythm and leave a deep impression in the mind. The winner of this category is the person who wrote the lyrics to the song.

Best Voice

The singer should have perfect pitch and sense of rhythm. The singer should have the skill to travel from high to low and using gamakka when appropriate. Above all, s/he should have the capability to make the song sound sweet and bring life to the lyrics and the tune. The winner of this category is the person who sang the song.

Best Song

A song that may not excel in tune, lyrics or voice but with all factors combined and with the addition of background music & recording technique that has the total effect that is pleasing to the ear is what is considered best song. BGM plays biggest role in the selection. The winners of this category are the producer of the song and the person who sets the background music.

This is an open competition for all composers who wish to participate.
To submit your piece, please contact us via the contact form or at one of the following phone numbers:

Akkini Kunchuhal 2007 Results

Mr. Jeyakumar

Best Lyrics

Mr. Nimal

Best Voice

Mr. Ayas Zavahir

Best Song

Mohan Remesier

Best Melody

Deadline for all submissions is July 31st
of every year.

See the video of music competition held on
September 2006