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Welcome To Isaiyarangam

To fully understand the aspirations of Isaiyarangam, we must first define what music is. Music is any pleasing sound that reaches the soul. The classical format of South Asian music, Carnatic, is a pleasing sound but does not reach the souls of many.   

Grammar was born though the need for structure within literature. As such, the rules that govern Carnatic music can seem overwhelming to those who are new to the art form. How can one who doesn’t understand Auvaiyar or Bharathi attempt to read Kamban or Elango? Carnatic music is the natural evolution from folk music. From folk music, to pan, to Carnatic, music has become more and more refined, and in turn more and more rich. The katcheri format, which Carnatic music is presented in, is too complicated for a new listener to understand, and consequently, appreciate.   

Although the lack of popularity that surrounds Carnatic music is not fault of any individual, it remains true that a number of artistes and supporters were quite content to enjoy this music amongst themselves rather than actively inculcate a widespread appreciation of the music among the masses. Without constant effort and initiative to reach out to the masses, this art form will eventually lose its appeal. It is to bring this music to the public and bridge the gap between light music lovers and Carnatic music, Isaiyarangam was created. We have a lot of great poets among us, and good musicians. Isaiyarangam puts them together to create pleasing music which aims at leading people towards classical music.

If you find it hard to conceptualize, come and let your ears wander to places only the heart knows.

Isaiyarangam Team


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